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Medical Information

  • We are able to administer a variety of medicines in school, from inhalers, to antibiotics. However, in order to do so safely please ensure you have completed an Administration of Medicine form and handed this into the school office with the relevant medicine. These need to be updated every school year accordingly.
  • If you’re unsure whether to send your child into school, please read this advise from the Public Health Agency on when keep your child at home or send into school. Alternatively the NHS have provided information on when is my child to ill to go to school.
  • The Health Protection Agency also have some useful guidance on how to treat common infections in children. More information is available by clicking here.
  • Public Health’s Healthier Together website has lots of advice and guidance about children’s health and well-being. Additionally, the UK Health Security Agency have a useful back to school and managing illnesses website.
  • For details on the Southern Health MMR vaccination programme, please click here.
  • Due to our Forest School teaching, we always request children wear long sleeved tops and long bottoms whenever they visit the forest. However, tick bites can still be an issue. Please click here for more details on risk and prevention.
  • During the Summer (or warm weather days), please ensure children come into school with long lasting sun cream applied and have a sun hat with them. The school does not administer sun cream.

Please look on our Statutory Information page for our administering medicines and first aid policies.