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Hammond Hearts & Bounce

Welcome to our new well-being initiative, where the Infant and Junior schools are coming together to ensure that well-being is the focus for our children, families, school and community – especially returning to school after lockdown. We would love all our children, families and staff to create a heart to help us decorate our schools and make us all SMILE.

Smiling is catching, so maybe try today

If someone is near you, send a smile their way


SOCIALISE – connect with others

MOVE – get active

INTEREST – notice and be mindful

LEARN – keep learning

ENGAGE – give to others

There are SMILE videos available to view on the Junior School’s Hammond Heart webpage, please click here to view these.


The Bounce Programme helps children develop emotional resilience. Children continue to develop their emotional understanding right through until they are young adults and particularly in today’s world it is essential we are giving children the tools to support them with their emotional development and mental health. Strategies like this are most successful when they are used consistently between school and home. For those parents who were unable to attend our Bounce workshop, please click here – Mrs Halbauer talks through the presentation to explain Bounce in more details, how it is being used in school and what you can do at home to support. Please also see below several useful links to help you understand this programme further;


Further support offerings are also contained on our Family Support page.